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InfoPace is a World Pace Communications Web Production

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We offer Web mail and forwarding features so that you can choose the e-mail service that best fits your needs. The Web mail option, which includes many advanced features, allows you to check your e-mail from any Web browser, at any time, and from anywhere. The forwarding option automatically transfers any e-mail sent to your domain to another e-mail account.
Personalized Web-based E-mail

Finally, an e-mail address you can be proud of!

Our proprietary technology allows you to establish e-mail addresses that contain your own customized name in the address--making it professional enough for a business card and easy enough for friends, family members, and business associates to remember.

Some of Our Web Mail Features . . .

  • Ability to create multiple accounts @ your personalized domain name
  • Support for HTML-based e-mail
  • Custom e-mail filters
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes
  • Personalized address book
  • 6 megabytes of disk space for each mailbox
  • Ability to check multiple POP accounts through your Web-based account
  • Compatibility with all popular Web browsers
  • Advanced SPAM-blocking technology
  • Ability to get notification at another e-mail address when you receive mail.
  • Easy access to Web mail accounts from any computer connected to the Internet--No e-mail client software installation necessary

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